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Nơi giao dịch: Hà Nội
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Eco Premier Hotel - Modern hotel 4 star in Hanoi old quater
Hanoi Eco Premier Hotel is ideally located in Hanoi Old Quarter, close to tourist and cultural attractions as well as the city’s office buildings,shopping center, making it an ideal location for leisure and business travelers. 4 Star Hotel with 65 well-appointed rooms with panoramic views and all rooms feature modern amenities including hi-speed Wifi and 32 inch LCD televisions.Eco Premier Hotel Hanoi also features an elegant western restaurant. Convenient location, clean environment, good facilities and our friendly well- trained staff are fully committed to ensuring that Modern hotel in Hanoi old quater is best option to meet your travel needs.
The best hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter bring the long and rich culture of the Vietnamese capital to life, providing excellent boutique accommodation right in the heart of the city’s business and tourism hub. Modern hotel in Hanoi old quater is lined with charming colonial French architecture alongside traditional Buddhist shrines, temples and pagodas. Eco Premier Hotel is also lined with industrious stalls and shop-houses as well as chic cafés, bars, restaurants and galleries.
Among our list of the best hotels in Eco Premier Hotel Hanoi is places which take full advantage of the district’s beautiful buildings, as well as more modern structures which also provide five-star facilities and in-room amenities alongside the convenience of being situated right in the middle of the most popular part of Hanoi. Enjoy the comfort of a great room between sampling the Hanoi Old Quarter’s great dining, nightlife and attractions at any of the places below.
Just 5 minutes walk from the scenic Hoan Kiem Lake, there have been typical highlights in the old quarter whereas of ancient houses, bars, custom tailor shops, restaurants…. Out of the hustle and bustle of the crowded Old quarter of Hanoi, Eco Premier Hotel puts you in the most likely countryside with peacefulness and quietness of Vietnamese. How amazing you would be to enjoy contemplating the sight of residential area in daily working day across the other side whilst nibbling every single minute of relaxation. And the most importantly, no matter what you discover during the day, our spaciously convenient rooms and extra-cosy beds will make sure you get a great night’s sleep.
Guests can arrange day trips or rent bicycles, cars and motorbikes at the helpful tour desk. Discount hotel in hanoi center also provides a business centre and 24-hour front desk.
The hotel’s restaurant serves both Vietnamese and international cuisines. Every morning, it also provides a breakfast spread.
If you have any questions on your booking or wish to make a general enquiry please write to us using the form and we will respond within 24 hours.
Our Contact Details - Eco Premier Hotel Hanoi
26-28 Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, VietnamJust located right in the Old Quarter.
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